Massaggio | Massage

We offer soothing and reparative massage services with an excellent array of massage therapists. Please specify if you have a preference of a male or female operator. 

Massaggio terapeutico | Therapeutic MassageOur most popular massage offering, this relaxing combination of Swedish effleurage and deep tissue techniques, promotes release of muscle tension, relief of aches and pains, and healthy circulation from head to toe.$95 | [60-Minute]
$115 | [75-Minute]
$130 | [90-Minute]
Mini massaggio | Mini-Massage This quick treatment is a perfect stress-reliever.$50 | [30-Minute]
Massaggio per donne incinte | Prenatal MassageIdeal for expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters, prenatal massage alleviates the discomfort and muscle inflammation that accompanies pregnancy. Prenatal massage also promotes healthy circulation which increases the supply of oxygen to the baby, relieves pressure on weight-bearing joints, and promotes an overall sense of calm and relaxation. Postnatal massage is also available.$95 | [60-Minute]
$130 | [90-Minute]
Massaggio con pietre calde | Hot Stone MassageHeated basalt stones are arranged to penetrate healing warmth to aching muscles. Your therapist will then massage limbs, back and shoulders with the stones. A wonderful treatment for the winter months.$120 | [60-Minute]
$155 | [90-Minute]
Massaggio detox | Detoxifying MassageA variety of rhythmic movements are employed to stretch and relax muscles and eliminate metabolic waste. The effectiveness of these techniques is accelerated by the use of liquid mineral and algae oil, which replenish moisture and keep skin supple.$110 | [60-Minute]
$145 | [90-Minute]